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Three generations strong…

The Goggins Company was founded by John Goggins along with his son Zack. John is heavily involved in the Ranch/Land side of the business, while Zack has been one of the top residential real estate agents in Billings for the last couple of years. Together they form one of the top Billings real estate brokerages.

1.5% Residential Listings

A generational legacy real estate brokerage that specializes in all things real estate. While we understand legacy, we strive to always build our clients bigger, better, and even more resilient generational wealth in real estate. 

The Goggins Company isn’t just about real estate, we also have full content creation/marketing team in house. Rose Thorn Real Estate can take your buying or selling to the next level.

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The Goggins Company is a family-focused Billings real estate brokerage. We value the connection we make with our clients. Feel free to send us a message and we will reach out as soon as possible!

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