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About Cleto

Take care of the land, and it will take care of you

Cleto first moved to Montana in 1999 for a college internship on a seedstock cattle operation. He knew the big wide open spaces were the place for him! Upon Graduation from SDSU, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science, he returned to continue working in the seedstock cattle operation and managing the Quarter Horse breeding operation. Four years later he moved on to the Padlock Ranch Company, gaining more experience in land and forage management to maximize production in a commercial cattle operation. This developed a real interest and passion for soil and plant management.

From then he continued gaining experience in Animal Health, and some farming with custom Harvesting taking him in a bigger circle to include Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado,
the Dakotas through northern Montana. This certainly gave a little more perspective to the Agriculture industry in the US. and how it all relates together.

Now still actively involved in agriculture, traveling through eastern Montana, Cleto is continuing to follow his passion for the land and is ready to assist you with any of your real estate need

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